Zero Budget Natural Farming in Andhra Pradesh: A Review of Evidence, Gaps, and Future Considerations

Offering key insights into the agroecological approach of ZBNF in Andhra Pradesh, India, authors Sabrina Rose, Jeremy Halstead, and Timothy Griffin present the second publication in the discussion paper series, CREATE Solutions for a Changing World.

Pollinator Gardens: Landscaping for Biodiversity in the 21st Century

Read the first publication in the discussion paper series, CREATE Solutions for a Changing World. Atticus Murphy and Elizabeth Crone outline the benefits of pollinator gardens over traditional landscaping and provide recommendations for gardeners and advocates that...

Creating solutions to the global climate change crisis.

CREATE Solutions is bringing together innovative, solutionsdriven climate research from across Tufts University and building capacity for further research and impact. Our work responds to the integrated nature of the technical, environmental, and societal challenges we face.

The Challenge

Climate-related damage is already evident in its effects on ecosystems, water and food security, health, human security, and economic growth. To limit catastrophic climate change, we will need to address greenhouse gas emissions through a combination of behavioral and energy infrastructure changes.


CREATE Solutions brings together Tufts experts in technology, behavioral science, economics, biology, ecology, agriculture, and policy. Together we are integrating the energy research, education, and impact needed to avoid further catastrophic climate change and mitigate those impacts that have become unavoidable.​

Why Tufts?

Tufts University is well-positioned to help the United States and the world transition to a clean energy economy, advance resilient development, and educate a new generation of professionals who can create new knowledge and identify solutions to help diverse stakeholders tackle climate change.​